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Hi, my name is Roger, and I have been involved with ARS about six years now, and while Ive been here I have encountered a lot of new people that are very dear to me. I have become a happier person, a better friend, and someone you can talk to by coming to ARS. I have a closeness with the staff here, because they have helped me a lot with my problems, no matter if Im up or if Im down, they were always there to help me. ARS is a wonderful place to be associated with and I am grateful for the opportunities being a member has offered me. As the President of the ARS advisory board I thank ARS for helping me come this far. Thank You!

I love ARS because of the wonderful place it has become to meet my friends and enjoy their company. Also, the groups address my needs and show me in what areas I am growing and the potential there is for growth in the future. I love Marys humble, hands on approach to guiding the club and her staff. The staff and even some of the peers here serve as role models for me. The club has definitely turned a corner and by building on the solid foundation of love and mutual acceptance for all the future is very bright indeed.

What ARS has done for me! It has helped me to overcome obstacles put in my way on my road to recovery. ARS has also helped me become a confident person. ARS is a place where I can go and be accepted unconditionally. Friendships and recovery bind us together forever.


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